Carpet Cleaning in Petaluma

Imagine this scenario: you’ve just come home from a long day at the office, and no sooner have you walked through the door than the aroma of dog waste greets you. You go downstairs to survey the damage to your living room and it’s as you feared—your furry friend has left you a gift all over the downstairs carpeting. Sadly, it’s a scenario that many Petaluma homeowners have come to know. Our beautiful weather lets us have more fun with our pet pals. But that also leads to messes.

At SBA Janitorial LLC, we specialize in not only pet odor removal, but also in residential and office carpet cleaning! There’s no mess we can’t handle. It’s what makes us one of Petaluma’s best carpet cleaning companies. Here is a short list of reasons to put down the brush and soap and call for all your carpet cleaning needs.

Pet Odor Removal

As stated above, our pets are valued members of the family, but it’s hard not to feel frustrated when they leave messes all over the house. After all, we can’t exactly ask them to clean it up!

Pet waste and other messes that might get tracked indoors by your pet require special cleaning. Carpet and rug fibers trap biological wastes and odors into their weaves. Only professional techniques can completely eliminate the stains…and smells!

Letting Fido sit on the sofa for a quick selfie might call for upholstery cleaning services if you aren’t careful. Don’t worry about dealing with this yourself. Leave it to the pros.

Oils, Fats, and Other Culinary Spills

Most of us don’t have carpet in our kitchens for a reason. But sometimes we give in to the temptation to curl up on the couch with a bowl of pasta or a morning plate of bacon and eggs. In our line of work, we’ve even seen curry pastes leave their mark on carpets and sofas.

Just like paper or cotton, your carpet is made from fibers, most of which are excellent at soaking up oil. Conventional cleaning methods can just make the damage worse. Trusting us when you need rug cleaning service is a smart idea. We have the right supplies and techniques for every sort of spill.

Mold and Allergen Removal

Did you know that the most costly and dangerous damage to your carpets might be the kind you can’t even see? When carpet gets too damp, it can grow mold beneath it. Feet tracking across the carpet can stir up these mold spores, causing coughs and lung irritation.

On the other hand, a home that is too dry might have dander, pollen, and dust trapped in the carpets which are then released with every step taken on your beautiful home carpeting. Regular home and office carpet cleaning can ensure the air quality in your home is top-notch.

Petaluma’s Best Carpet and Rug Cleaning Services Since 2008

Whether you need office carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning services, when you put your trust in SBA Janitorial LLC, you put your trust in an owner-operated business always going the extra mile for our Bay Area clients.

But don’t just believe us—check out our reviews! When you’re ready, call us today for a no-obligation consultation.