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Cleaning Services in Petaluma

If you find yourself looking for value-driven and health-conscious cleaning services, look no further than the esteemed professionals at SBA Janitorial INC.. Specializing in commercial cleaning services, we sanitize surfaces, sweep floors, do away with unsightly stains, and everything in between. No matter the state of the facility, we'll surely rise to the occasion.

Don't think of us as hired custodians. Think of us as partners invested in the continued cleanliness and success of your establishment. Request our services by calling us at (707) 364-5000 today.

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Cleaning Your Way Toward Perfection

In little time, we've become the most versatile cleaning company in the region. Rather than limiting ourselves to simply cleaning homes or offices, we do it all. On any given day, we might find our staff tending to tasks and spaces such as:

  • Commercial window washing
  • Floor cleaning
  • Industrial facility cleaning
  • Surface disinfectant
  • Construction cleaning
  • School and gym cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • And more

Floor to Ceiling Cleaning

With our experience and equipment, we're capable of cleaning every surface in sight. Whether you require deep carpet cleaning surfaces, gym equipment cleaning, or bathroom cleaning services, you can count on us. We clean from floor to ceiling—literally.

Project the Image of Success

Try as we might to deny it, first impressions really matter. New clients, customers, and other persons of interest walk through your doors every day. Why not make sure your facility always leaves a good impression on first-time visitors and patrons? Call us today to book our services.

Keeping Communities Clean

Our cleaning services don't just benefit the owners and employees of the offices and buildings we clean—they benefit the community at large. When you think of all the people who pass through your doors in the run of a day, everybody benefits from disinfected and sanitized surfaces.

Priced with the Clients in Mind

We value our clients and our prices reflect that. We want the people in our community to turn to us when they need help. With our rates, the benefits always wind up outweighing the costs.

Benefit from Green Cleaning Products

We only utilize the finest eco-friendly cleaning products on the market today. While it might cost a restaurant or private company a lot of money to stock these high-caliber cleaning agents in their storage room, our services come at only a fraction of the price. We'll always come to your location with the finest products and equipment available today.

Request Our Cleaning Services Today

When the time comes to invest in commercial cleaning services, we're confident you'll look in our direction. From affordability to quality, there really is no better choice than our cleaning company. We sanitize every surface, wipe away every stain, and treat all facilities with the utmost respect.

Invest in janitorial services today. Your staff, patrons, and the public at large will benefit from your safe and sanitary facilities. Call us at (707) 364-5000.

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